Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Literary Adventure Comes to Costa Mesa ~ Live!

A great program has inspired hundreds of kids to read in Costa Mesa. Five Costa Mesa schools along with five community churches have partnered together to encourage literacy in our local schools. During this school year more than fifty volunteers have donated their time in the classroom reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to students. This was the beginning of what became and extraordinary adventure. The book itself takes its readers on an incredible journey. This journey has now come alive for these students. The Crossing Church, along with their partners, is presenting a literary adventure live as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe comes to life on stage, in their new state of the art auditorium beginning this week.

The Costa Mesa students who started on this adventure and have finished reading the book were given free admission to see this performance. There are three shows Wednesday, June 15 @ 6:30pm; Thursday, June 16th @ 6:30pm and Saturday, June 18th @ 2:00pm. Advanced tickets are available for purchase for $5 and at the door can be purchased for children at $5 and adults at $10. All of the proceeds go to benefit this program Literary Adventure to continue to encourage children to read. This is such a good deal we couldn't pass it up.

This is a great opportunity to bring families together in an effort to enhance our children's education and future. A national survey of literacy among prison inmates show that as many as 70% of all prison inmates fall below a fifth grade reading level. Encouraging kids to read not only affects the children but it affects society as a whole. This literacy adventure program is such a great way that a community can safeguard itself and its children.

This is such an exciting year for many Costa Mesa kids. Come join us as we build a better tomorrow while having some fun as we go.

For more activities and events in Orange County be sure to visit OC Fun Guide's Activity Calendar. Don't miss another great event only to hear about it after!

Happy Literary Adventuring!

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