Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Centennial Farms

Today we visited Centennial Farms in Costa Mesa at the OC Fairgrounds. The kids of course loved the farm animals and within the last 2 months there were several piglets born as well as a La Mancha so this was a special treat to see these little animals. This was another one of those great FREE activities that can be so much fun.

Walking onto the grounds of the farm it felt like we were transformed out of suburban Orange County and into the country. The barns, farmhouse and silo were scattered among the livestock and rows of crops on display. Centennial Farms is a 4 acre working farm and hosts educational programs for elementary age children to show the important role agriculture not only played in Orange County's history but also in their every day lives today.

The crops were amazing. There was so much information to absorb. They have such a variety of crops ranging from tomatoes, peppers, gourds, beans, and many more as well as papaya trees, pineapple trees as well as of course orange trees. They had the harvest times and information on each crop and what method they used to plant. When we left I wanted to go home and start a garden of my own. Very inspirational!

I would recommend either before or after your visit that you go on to their website (you can click here to visit their site) and they have educational print outs and games that kids can play that directly relate to what they will see at the farm.
Happy Farming!

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